Supporting a Loved One as They Move To Assisted Living

Even when your loved one has willingly agreed to move to assisted living, making the move can still be stressful for everyone involved. The Gables Assisted Living and Memory works closely with our residents and their families and support systems to help make the transition easier. In addition to the support that our compassionate team offers, we can also offer the following suggestions:

  • Acknowledge Your Loved Ones Feelings of Loss – Feelings of loss and grief are common and to be expected when someone moves from their home to assisted living. Try not to minimize their feelings. Sympathize and respect their feelings and give them time to adjust.
  • Call and Visit Often – Regular contact from family members and friends is extremely important. Reassure your loved one that they are still loved and cared for by calling and visiting often. Continue to include them in family events whenever possible. If your loved one lives far away, send letters and pictures and call often.
  • Work Through Concerns Together – If your loved one expresses concerns, hear them out and take them seriously. Allow them to express their grievances and to participate in the conversations with the home to be part of finding a solution to any legitimate concern.
  • Help Them Feel At Home – Allow your loved one to bring personal items and decorations that will help them to feel more at home. If possible, try to recreate their favorite room from their home by hanging pictures on the wall as they were at home and arranging furniture and other decor similar to how it was at home.
  • Be positive – A smile, support, patience, and understanding will help your loved one in more ways than one.
  • Resist The Urge To Take Over – Try not to make all of the decisions or take over the sorting, packing, and moving process. Allow your loved one the opportunity to make decisions and take the lead in the process if they desire to do so.
  • Do Not Immediately Discuss Selling Their Home – Your loved one is already dealing with an overload of emotion and change. Hold off discussing selling their home until they have completely transitioned and are ready to have that conversation.

For more information on how you can support your loved one as they make the move to assisted living, contact the nearest Gables location to you.