Choosing The Right Assisted Living Home

Choosing the right assisted living home is one of the most difficult, but important decisions that you will ever make. Each person has their own personal needs and preferences. A key factor in finding the right assisted living home includes considering those personal needs and preferences. To help our potential residents and their families feel confident with the choice they make, we offer the following guidance as they look into the different options available to them:

  • Tour more than one home. Look into the different options available in your area. It is helpful to visit multiple homes as it will help you to be able to compare homes and see the different services and amenities that each home has to offer.
  • Does it feel homey to you? The most important factor to consider when choosing an assisted living home is if it feels friendly, safe, and comfortable. Do you prefer a small, cozier environment or would you rather be in a larger, busier place?
  • What are the dining options? Ask if you can join them for a meal? Does the food look appealing to you? Does it have good flavor? Can you dine in the privacy of your own room if desired?
  • What activities are offered? Do the activities being offered interest you?
  • Discuss what care you or your loved one would require. Is the home capable of providing consistent, quality care and supervision? Although all assisted living homes are licensed to be able to provide the same type of care as each other, size, staffing, and levels of care are all things to consider.
  • How are changes in condition handled? Ask about how the home manages emergency and non-emergency medical situations? If your condition changes, will you be able to remain in the home? At what point would you be required to move elsewhere for medical care?
  • Does the home have a good history of meeting state and local licensing requirements? Check the state regulatory agency’s website. The survey history and complaint history for each home is available to the public. If a home has a history of non-compliance, feel free to ask them about their survey(s) and definitely take this information into consideration as you are making your decision.
  • Trust your gut. It is important to trust your instinct and not make a decision based on which home is the newest or biggest or offering the best discount. As you arrive for your tours and enter each home, stop and look around you. Smell. See. Look. Feel. Are the residents happy? Are the staff happy? Is the manager engaged and personable? Is it clean? Well maintained? Does it smell good? Can you picture yourself or your loved living there?